Pharmcon Exam Prep

Pharmcon Exam Prep

PharmCon provides innovative pre-licensure prep courses for a growing list of pharmacy professional exams.
Powered by A.S.A.P.® and ReadyScore Technologies, our proprietary adaptive learning software, integrated into every review course, PharmCon offers an unparalleled studying experience. Each review course begins with an assessment to track your current knowledge level. From there, A.S.A.P.® Technology is able to determine what content to show you based on your weak points, and it’s constantly adapting to your progress to continually serve you the content you need to study to successfully pass your exam. From there, ReadySCORE™ takes the guesswork out of passing by predicting what you’d score with incredible accuracy.

NAPLEX Review by PharmCon

PharmCon offers the only NAPLEX prep course that combines AI-backed technology with 2500+ questions and real-time algorithms to generate 100% unique study plans for each student—taking the guesswork out of NAPLEX study and finding your fastest path to a passing score. With NAPLEX Review by PharmCon, students only study content they need more time with, allowing them to take the exam earlier and with the confidence of knowing they will pass!

PTCE Review by PharmCon

PTCE Review by PharmCon is the first-ever PTCE course to utilize the adaptive, personalized technology that has driven industry-leading pass rates for students using KnowFully Learning Group’s other exam prep courses. With this innovative exam prep course, aspiring Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) can spend less time studying and pass the PTCE faster and with more confidence, allowing them to take the next step in their pharmacy career!

A.S.A.P.® Technology

PharmCon’s Essentials Pass packages ares powered by A.S.A.P.® Technology, making it them the only adaptive courses on the market. This proprietary learning software allows you to find your fastest path to passing. Our AI-powered software generates a fully customized study plan to bridge your knowledge gaps, getting you exam-ready faster than other review courses could.


ReadySCORE takes the guesswork out of exam readiness by predicting what you’d score on the NAPLEX or PTCE Exams with incredible accuracy. Throughout your studies, you’ll see exactly how you’re performing cumulatively by content area and topic. With ReadySCORE™ you’ll know just how close you are to passing, and when you’re truly ready. You won’t find another course with this technology!

Pass or money back guarantee

Pass or your money back! That’s because we take a different approach than the other exam review providers, an approach built upon our truly adaptive A.S.A.P.® Technology. PharmCon’s exam review courses are the best way to ensure you’re ready, come exam day. We’re so confident that if you fail your exam after using our course, we’ll refund your money!

Is your pharmacy program looking to supplement your NAPLEX or PTCE curriculum? Contact us for bulk NAPLEX or PTCE Review access!