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Internet Continuing Education

A special part of PharmCon’s services includes our continuing education website; the nationally recognized and frequently accessed This site is ready to promote and host your educational programs. PharmCon can offer live web broadcasts of educational seminars as well as host written, accredited programs for those professionals that seek to obtain on-line CE. This medium increases the availability and value of any educational program.

Educational Program Design and Development

Our professional staff has an extensive background in program design and development. We can help you achieve your goals by assessing the needs of your target audience by designing and developing quality educational programs to meet those needs.

Total Program Coordination

Save time, money, and stress by letting PharmCon coordinate and handle all aspects of the program for you. From program accreditation to on-site coordination, let us do it all. This includes program announcement design and mailing, site and menu selection, faculty selection, A/V needs, travel issues, and more. We welcome your ideas throughout all phases of program development and presentation. See your ideas become reality in a professionally designed, continuing education seminar. We want to partner with you to provide the best possible program.