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PharmCon, Inc. Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 

PharmCon, Inc.’s mission is simple: to provide quality live and home study continuing education to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare professionals using the Internet as the medium of choice.  PharmCon, Inc. will combine innovative Internet technology with quality education programming to make learning from the comfort of home a fact of life.  PharmCon, Inc. vows to provide participants with a learning environment conducive to professional development.  PharmCon, Inc. will continue to communicate with participants to identify educational gaps to develop interesting and timely programming to fulfill these needs.

PharmCon, Inc. will succeed in this mission by accomplishing the following goals:

  • Present educational activities that address clinical topics, incorporate medical information, discuss safety risks, and other areas of interest to meet the identified educational needs of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare professionals
  • Educate pharmacists to better serve their patient community
  • Improve the skills of pharmacy technicians to better assist their pharmacy colleagues
  • Maintain the highest quality standards by adhering to all applicable governing body requirements, so that activities are recognized for their superb content, fair presentation, and relevance to the target audience
  • Create a learning environment that measures knowledge gained while making active learning convenient from any location
  • Invest in technology to continually improve the learning environment, actively measure outcomes, and identify education gaps for activity participants
  • Treat all employees, activity participants, and co-sponsors with dignity and respect